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Summer is here!

Summer is here! This week is the last week of school for the kids. I’m more than ready for lazy days at home, village summer fêtes, BBQs, live music and family coming to visit.

Yesterday we had an afternoon down at our local lake (Parisot.) It was nice to have a bit of time there before the mass of summer holiday makers descend upon us. The kids went swimming, caught fish with their friends, and had obligatory ice creams at the guinguette.

I’m slowly but surely getting prepared for 3 kids at home. I’m making lists of activities, thinking of meal plans (endless snacks included!) and I’m about to order in craft supplies. I’m keeping an eye out for roadside posters of what’s on in the local area. Do we do the African or Samba music festival? Do we head to the circus? What about the local village art festival? When do we fit in canoeing, tree climbing and mini golf?! There’s so much to choose from so the diary is out.

Tell me what you’ll be getting up to this Summer! Will you be lounging around at home, travelling abroad or looking for local activities? Don’t forget you can follow us on Instagram to keep up with what we get up to.

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