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Strawberry season

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

The month of May has seen us yield our first successful crop of strawberries. Last year we planted 24 strawberry plants in their own bed. With hindsight I now see this was a little too many. Strawberry plants send off runners, and although I potted some of these on last year to give to friends and plant elsewhere in the garden, many of them found themselves a nice little spot and just rooted themselves in. This has left us with quite an overcrowded strawberry bed...but with lots of yummy strawberries!

So we've been getting inventive and have been trying out different recipes. First up was this delicious Eton mess style pudding, with simple fresh strawberries, homemade meringue, ice cream and a simple strawberry syrup. Then I tried a strawberry and rhubarb shrub. A shrub is made from a fruit syrup which you then add apple cider vinegar too. Pour over some ice and add fizzy water and it makes a very refreshing drink (though the kids aren't so convinced!) I then got the dehydrator out for fruit rolls, such a simple way of preserving any fruit and a great snack for the kids. For Phoebe's first birthday we had strawberry cupcakes and then I tried strawberry and rhubarb jelly topped with custard. Lastly, you can't have strawberries and not make jam! I need to tweak the recipe next time though as it's a little runny, but still delicious. Next I'd love to try strawbery ice cream.

Are you growing strawberries? Do you have any favourite recipes too share? If you do send them our way!

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