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Pottery market - Cajarc

Always my favourite summer market the marché des potiers never fails to disappoint. I love the range of beautifully made handmade items on display. Each potter is so unique and I get tempted by so many different styles. We usually head to this market when it's in the nearer town of Caylus, but I thought this year we'd head slightly further out, knowing that Cajarc is a bigger village making social distancing easier. We arrived just before lunch in the swealtering heat, made all the more stifling by the wearing of masks.

I usually buy mugs at this market, however I've noticed a trend of me managing to break my purchases throughout the course of the year due to everyday use, so this year we settled on something a little different. I was tempted by the geometric shapes and bright colours of one stand's pots (Jacob bought one for his pens.) I was tempted by the pastel shades on a jug from another. I was even tempted by simple little magnets with black illustrations stamped onto white clay. In the end we went for this...

A beautiful bird feeder that we'll find a home for just outside the front of the house. I'm hoping the maker might be at the next pottery market as I might nip down to get a matching bird house!

Are you a pottery collecter? What do you go for?

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