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Painting with Phoebe

I've decided it's time to relinquish my fear of messy play. When the boys were little and we lived in London I had the luxury of popping along to our local children's centre once a week where an exciting messy play activity would be set up. Whether it was water, sand, or shaving foam, there was something comforting about the idea of someone else cleaning up the mess created by a number of small children! Admittedly Reuben used to hate it. He disliked getting his hands dirty or feeling the texture of sand on his feet. But it was an experience and one way to occupy a morning.

Now with Phoebe, it's cold, and wet, and we're spending a lot of time inside. We're exhausting all the toys so it's time to get creative. We're starting with paint...because it's washable! (Or so it says on the box.) I have yet to invest in an apron so this 'washable' element is rather necessary. She loves it. It occupies her for far longer than I thought it would. She likes mixing the colours and making marks on the paper. She quickly finds her fingers make excellent paint brushes but that's OK. We're creating masterpieces that will soon adorn our walls alongside pictures by the boys and my framed cross stitches!

What's your favourite messy play activity?

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