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We're one week in to our second lockdown here in France. It's a little bit different from the first as the boys are still at school and Andrew is still working, so it's just Phoebe and I confined to the house, pottering about doing odd jobs. Thankfully the weather has been pretty good this week so we've been able to spend a lot of time outside. Phoebe is a big fan of feeding the animals so we spend a fair bit of our morning hanging out with the chickens and the ducks.

I'm on a mission to clear out those dusty drawers and cupboards full of unused bits and bobs. I'm also in the mood to redecorate, something I was keen to do after the last lockdown. I'm ordering fabric to make some curtains and have a wall in mind that I think needs a lick of paint. I want to rearrange furniture and I desperately need a new bookshelf to empty boxes of books into, to clear a bit of space in the room that has become the dumping ground. Does anyone else feel like this after they've spent too long in their house!

Are you in the midst of another lockdown? What keeps you going?

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