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Let The Sowing Commence!

The time has come to sow some seeds! We're entering year three of our veg patch and I'm keen to learn from the mistakes of years past. Year one I started planting way too early and our dining room was taken over with seed trays and bags of soil. Last year I held back a bit but still went overboard, again in our dining room before moving out into the greenhouse. This year I've held back even longer and am going straight out into the greenhouse.

We're currently preparing the veg beds. Smothering our poor clay soil in a layer of cow poo kindly tractored over by our neighbour. We'll then add a layer of good top soil before planting into them. My first seeds to go in are broad beans, and I have a packet of peas and some hardy greens. Like every year I'll do a mixture of seed planting and buying starter plants from our local garden centre. I have a good idea now of what I'm capable of growing from seed (usually the bigger seeds!)

Elsewhere in the garden I'm tidying up flower beds, creating new strawberry patches and have a new rockery to build. I've split my rhubarb crowns and have a fair bit of weeding to do in front of the barn. I've got a couple of blueberry bushes I want to try out in pots and I have no idea if I should have cut back my raspberries! But they seem to be regrowing so I'll leave them for now.

It's exciting to be out in the garden again, to have a bit of sunshine and start thinking about outside areas. What are your gardening/veg patch plans this year?

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