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Back To School

These past few weeks we've been winding down summer and getting back into the swing of school day routines. Switching from our leisurly 9am wake ups to 6.30am has been HARD! But we're slowly getting there. Towards the end of the summer we waded through the long lists of school requirements...pens, pencils, notebooks, folders and art equipment. With one starting secondary school the list seemed to have doubled. We've had second, and third trips, back for stationary supplies we've forgotten and had to get a bigger school bag to accomodate all the books.

The first weeks have gone well and the boys are settling in. So after months (and months!) of all of us at home it's now just Phoebe and I pottering about, finding our new routine of breakfast, second breakfast, a bit of gardening, a play in a park, and then collecting the boys from the school bus at 5pm. My thoughts are turning towards work and how to get things done with a toddler around, but for now we're enjoying the warm autumnal days.

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