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Autumn is here

Autumn has officially begun, and it has brought with it some much needed rain. I may not be a fan of grey skies, and the cooler temperature is a constant reminder that we have still to process our wood for winter, but the rain brings relief to the sun scorched land.

We've slowly settled back into the school routine and for the first time in a long while I have time! With 3 kids now in school full time I have 4 days a week (there's no school on Wednesdays) to dedicate back to work. For me this means processing shop orders, sprucing up the website ready to take bookings for next summer, and making endless 'to do' lists that right now feel a little overwhelming.

I'm also finding the time to sneak in a few creative projects which I'll show you soon. We haven't done any decorating since the initial paint job when we moved in. It's time the house got a bit of a face lift and I've started in the dining room, painting a mural on a blank wall that was crying out for some colour. I always feel like this in September, feel the need to clear out those drawers and paint everything in site. Let's see how far I get!

How has the start of autumn been for you?

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