Born and raised on Exmoor in rural Somerset, after several years travelling in her 20s to South America and North Africa Sarah settled back in the UK and was fortunate enough to meet John Garrie Roshi, a mindfulness and meditation teacher. Sarah began the realisation that what she was searching for outside, just needed recognising within. She lived in the meditation centre in Wales for 7 years, helping to teach after being made a Sensei of the Practice. During this period her interest in Astrology developed as did her martial arts practice, being made a black belt in karate in her early 30s.


Returning to the 'real world' Sarah trained as an aromatherapist/masseur and set up a practice whilst simultaneously studying Psychological Astrology. Sarah now lives in France where she has been involved in renovating properties and creating several gardens. It was whilst in France that she was introduced to the Human Design System, and that has been an area of interest since. Sarah, along with her partner Frank and daughter Harriet, relishes the space and freedom that they have in which to follow their passions and interests!

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Becky brown


Born and raised in NW London Becky's first love was always music, studying for a music degree at SOAS, the School of Oriental and African Studies. Here she was taught how to play the mbira (thumb piano) and Javanese gamelan alongside her more traditional instruments of piano, flute and voice. Leaving university she fell into the world of retail, becoming manager at a popular interior store off Portobello Road. Whilst working she developed an interest in British Sign Language, studying levels 1 and 2. After the birth of her first son she set up a franchise teaching baby sign language classes to babies and their carers.


Holidays were spent at the family holiday home in Parisot (Tarn-et-Garonne, France.) After the birth of her second son Becky and her husband Andrew decided that they were ready for a life change and moved to France in 2013. Since moving to France, alongside teaching music, Becky reignited her love of crafting, learning how to crochet, dusting off her sewing machine, creating with the kids and reconnecting with the natural world. As founders of Wild Oak Wood, Becky and Andrew are looking forward to setting up camping at their home with emphasis on their woodland surroundings, growing their own, and getting families reconnecting with nature.

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