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Hi! We are the Brown family...mum Becky, dad Andrew, Reuben & Jacob (the big boys) and little Phoebe. In 2013 we moved from London to the middle of the countryside in South West France. We love being surrounded by nature and having the opportunity to grow our own food, raise animals, and for the kids to run a little (ok...a lot!) wild.



Our blog follows our story from the very beginning. We share our stories of family life in France, smallholding tales, crafting attempts and favourite recipes. In 2020 we incorporated our blog into this website but you can read about our early days here.

Do you have a smallholding tale to tell? We'd love to hear from you if you do and give you the chance to feature on our blog.

Bell Tent


When we moved to Wild Oak Wood we decided that it was too good not to share with others. Opening Summer 2021, we're creating a family friendly site with spacious bell tents in our woods, a communal indoor barn space, and shower block. You'll be free to roam our land, help out in the veg patch, or simply relax in a hammock under the trees. The pool will help you keep cool in the heat of the summer sun and the surrounding nature will help you relax.



If you're a fan of podcasts and want to listen to our tales about family life in France, then this is the podcast for you. With stories of our move and our language learning tips, how we're learning to grow our own food and raise animals, and how we've learnt to love living alongside nature.

Is there a particular topic you'd like us to cover? Get in touch and let us know!

Coming Soon

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When Becky isn't planning courses, looking after kids, or tending to the veg patch, she loves nothing more than to get creative sitting at her sewing machine, to find a quiet spot for a bit of crochet or take over the kitchen for some handmade beauty products. You can shop for some of her handmade products made here at Wild Oak Wood.

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